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Suction feed Creasing and perforation

This product is a suction automatic paper into digital indentation machine, product design according to the various conditions of indentation in the industry, for the plate printing tailor-made multifunctional processing equipment, mainly for high weight, double-sided film, electrostatic large paper and design.Its main characteristics are as follows:

  • Creasing speed 4500sheets per hour for A4.
  • The professional design and manufacture of indentation die durable, high precision servo motor and control system to ensure the precision and quality of indentation.
  • Adopt suction type automatic paper feeding, can put a total height of about 70mm paper at one time, reduce the workload of personnel.
  • No need to make template, can complete all kinds of dotted line, indentation line, plastic or riding on the cover of the film indentation, but also suitable for a variety of other applications.
  • The machine can handle products ranging from 65×135mm wide (optional) to 330×1000mm long pull-out products.


Creasing, Groove
Technical data
Paper Size:
140×140mm - 330×600mm
Paper Weight:
Paper feeding system:
feed suction system

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